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With over 14+ years of professional experience, I’ve established myself as a Solution Architect and Principal Frontend Engineer. My expertise covers design, systems engineering, and the development of intricate web application user interfaces. I possess an in-depth understanding of web technologies, particularly JavaScript, and have hands-on experience with ReactJs, Angular, Node.js, HTML5, and CSS3. Holding an MBA in Information Technology and Systems, I’ve led engineering teams for over 6 years, collaborating closely with internal stakeholders, product owners, and cross-functional teams. My proficiency extends to UI architecture and system integration.


My strong understanding of core JavaScript, ES5, ES6, and Typescript complements my expertise in web and mobile application development, project planning, and execution using agile frameworks and DevOps methodologies. I specialize in frontend technologies such as Angular, ReactJs, React Native, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, and Sass. Additionally, I’m proficient in backend technologies like Node.js, Express framework, and have experience with RDBMS and NoSQL databases. I also possess media tech skills, including knowledge of video transcoding engines and adaptive bitrate streaming. Furthermore, I’m adept at utilizing quality and development tools like Grunt, Webpack, Git, Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins. My extensive experience in cloud computing, particularly AWS, is complemented by soft skills in project management methodologies, Jira tools, and relationship development.

Work Experience:

As a Technical Architect at Robosoft Technologies, I contribute to OTT platform development and architect web applications using Next.js, Typescript, and React. Previously, as an Engineering Manager/Web Architect at Sugarbox (Margo Networks Pvt Ltd), I collaborated with cross-functional teams to define product visions and led the development of frontend and backend tools for OTT platforms. I also served as a Senior Web Developer at ALT Digital Media Entertainment Ltd., contributing to OTT product features UI development and CDN integration. In my role as Lead JavaScript Developer at Hinduja Global Solutions, I led teams in scalable JavaScript applications development and mobile application development using React Native.


I’ve been recognized for outstanding team management skills and received performance awards, including the Special Squad 2020 award for Outstanding Team Management Skill at Sugarbox and the Top Gun Award Shining Star 2017 for Outstanding Performance at HGS.


I’m a Certified Cyber Crime Intervention Officer from NSD India.


I hold a Post Graduate MBA in IT & System from ICFAI University (2021) and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University (2010).


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